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Eleanor Harte

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Success Stories

Mission Doctors Association’s goal has always been to work ourselves out of a job in the locations where we work. We are delighted to have been successful in this mission in a number of locations.
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There is Good News Around the World

You are a change maker. You are making a difference in this world. Mission Doctors Association is on the ground in Africa and Latin America providing lifesaving medical care and training for local health care professionals. We could not do this work without you! In 2000, the United Nations established eight international development goals regarding poverty, health and education.
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Early college savings strategies for children

Parents are inspiring their kids to learn financial literacy with a simple message: save for college! It’s a worthwhile goal helping to build healthy financial habits for life and also to reduce the need for student loans in the future. Here are some ways that parents can help their children get on the right track early and stay the course.
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Making the most of a college visit

A visit to a college campus, though not essential, is one of the best ways to figure out if a college is the right fit for you. Visits can range from a one hour tour to a formal presentation to an overnight stay. Most visits include an information session and a tour. Ultimately a college visit is all about discovering your priorities in a university and figuring out if this is the place where you want to spend the next four years of your life.
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For the love of the craft: UMass Juggling Club

In a secluded corner of the Campus Center basement, a group gathers every Tuesday. Some throw multicolored balls into the air: two, three, four in row. Some throw clubs and some throw rings. This is the University of Massachusetts Juggling Club and they meet every week to improve their skills in the art of juggling.
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Masala Bhangra: A Cross-Cultural Fitness Craze

In 1999, Sarina Jain introduced a new dance style to the world: Masala Bhangra. 15 years later, she travels the world for work, training instructors in the Indian-style celebratory dance that she created. In her years of travel, she’s seen the differences in attitudes toward fitness across the world, and has been able to share her culture and change lives in the process. Link to Story

A Short Term Adventure for Good

Globe Aware has two major aims. One is to promote sustainability of the people to stand on their own two feet, similar to the old adage of “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”. The second aim is to promote cultural awareness. “To us, that means understanding the real beauty of a country, not just the tourist parts,” said Haley-Coleman. Link to Story

Emily O’Neil hopes to increase diversity and improve Title IX training as student trustee

Affordability of education, Title IX protection and the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body are the three main components of Emily O’Neil’s SGA campaign platform for student trustee. The junior economics major and women, gender and sexuality studies minor is the only female candidate running for the trustee position.
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Food, Fitness and Fun on Wellness Vacations

Fitness vacations are a growing trend – in 2013, the global wellness tourism market grew to $494 million dollars, a 12.5 increase from 2012. At first it seems crazy – isn’t the point of a vacation to relax, hang out and do nothing? But many times getting home from a vacation makes you feel like you need another one just to recover. Link to Story

Sober Travel in an "All You Can Drink" World

Jimmy Hamm and MJ Gottlieb started the Clean Fun Network in January 2015 to combat this very problem. The group is a social network that hosts several monthly events in New York City and travel experiences to fun destinations – all without alcohol, but with a lot of fun. “Everything we do is centered around an activity,” said Hamm, “and our trips are like going away on spring break, but you remember everything that you do.”. Link to Story

The Oxford Experience: A True English Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to eat in the Hogwarts Great Hall, here’s your chance. Well, not exactly, but if you sign up for The Oxford Experience, you’ll eat all your meals in the hall after which it was modeled. You’ll also take classes with esteemed British professors, have tea breaks with people from all over the world, and play croquet in the Masters’ Garden. Link to Story

ESPN employees seek to get women involved in technology

What’s the key to getting women involved in the technology industry? Showing students that women are building careers there, and that they’re not alone. At least according to Maura Maloney – ESPN’s principal technology business operations analyst and a University of Massachusetts alumna. Maloney spoke at UMass Thursday with four female colleagues, all of whom work with her in the technology division at ESPN.
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Eleanor Harte

I'm a journalism graduate from Boston, MA who loves editing, writing and researching. I'm passionate about books, entrepreneurship, travel and digital media. I am experienced in multiple genres, from travel writing to financial writing and many types in between. I have a passion for travel, books, pop culture and women's empowerment. I am currently working on my first novel.